"I love this app because I am able to track my order from start until finish. I also really like being able to share my delivery's ETA. The new Kanga has a user interface that's easy and fun and, I really appreciate that.”



Kanga is an app that offers quick, on demand, local delivery.  They deliver anything, from furniture to pies. Their brand is really fun and exciting but their current app was lacking a feeling of security and safety. The main task for this project was to inject their brand into their app while also adding a sense of trustworthiness and security.  


My role for this project included; project management, comparative research, brand analysis, persona building, journey mapping, low-fidelity wireframes, market research, user testing, and user flows.


  • Axure
  • Sketch
  • Marvel
  • Keynote


  • Guerrilla Tests
  • Personas
  • User Flows
  • Extensive Market Research
  • App Map
  • Sketching
  • Journey Map                                                  
  • Wireframes: Low-fidelity & High-fidelity
  • Prototyping
  • Comparative & Competitive Analysis
  • User Testing

Kanga is your personal delivery service

The Kanga app lets you schedule pickup & delivery, check the status of your delivery, and pay electronically. The power of the crowd is now on your phone. Get your stuff moving! Things Kanga has recently delivered: couches, pies, real estate signs, pallets of parts, desktop computer, boxes of flowers, a trampoline and more!

Research & Discovery

Initial research began with a digital survey that  included 32 participants. The purpose of this survey was to get a good understanding of user interests, delivery service pain points, and common industry experiences. We followed that survey with a digital card sorting exercise, in which we had 48 participants, the goal was to find the most preferred task flow within the app.

Through a deep competitive analysis, it was clear that Kanga is different than anyone else on the market. Kanga focuses on three main business channels; consumer to consumer, local business partnerships, and their cutting edge technology platform. Kanga delivers anything and every thing, locally. Through researching other on-demand business models such as Uber, Lyft, and Handy, the solution for Kanga became discernible. 

Brand research revealed what Kanga's core User Needs, Brand Needs, and Business Needs were.  After accessing these needs the app ideas started to take shape.

Persona Development & User Flows

Using the survey results and Kanga's analytics, we were able to pinpoint who uses the app and why.  There are three main user types: the mover, the small local business, and the I-need-it-now consumer. We cultivated the user flows based off each user's unique needs and how Kanga could meet them.


Persona Development


Journey Map & Opportunities

Once the users were identified, a journey map was created so we could really empathize with each users needs and wants. We walked each persona through the Kanga journey and then used the information to cultivate opportunities that Kanga had to meet user expectations.

 Journey Map & Opportunities

Journey Map & Opportunities

First Iteration Concepts

 Low-Fidelity Wireframes | first iteration

Low-Fidelity Wireframes | first iteration

Wireframes and Prototype

 High-fidelity wireframes and prototype

High-fidelity wireframes and prototype

Click-through Prototype

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Future Intentions