"Wait! I don't have the new #instagram #update!”


The task was to create new and exciting ways for Instagram to generate revenue, excluding advertisement/sponsored ads. Working in a group of 3, we came up with two promising solutions. First, we designed a text overlay accessory which would allow users to customize any Instagram picture.  The second proposal was a print shop built right into Instagram's existing app.


During this project my main responsibilities were: User Testing, Comparative Analysis, Journey Mapping, User Flows and Wireframes.


First things first...

Who uses Instagram? Finding out about Instagram's users was quite a task because EVERYONE is on Instagram! From teens to creatives and to businesses, everyone loves to share pictures. Through our surveys we found that the bulk of their users, regardless of age or economic status, find the Instagram experience "addicting", "simple" and "entertaining".  These findings are what brought the #instaprint and #textswag ideas to life. 

Creating a User Journey and Exploring Opportunities 

Compare and Contrast

User Flow (most common user type)

Low-Fi Wireframes (1st iteration)

Annotated High-Fi Wireframes


Future Recommendations

  • Expand overlay options 
  • Offer prints in multiple sizes and mediums
  • Allow user to order prints from their desktop (website)